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It is no secret that I live in lounge wear these days. I mean, who doesn’t? Comfort currently rules, but there is no reason to not be fancy about it. 

Morus Sleepwear Pajamas silk blue 3

Enter Morus: the luxury sleep wear brand that I am wearing below.

The team at Morus were kind enough to send me a slippery soft set of long sleeved pajamas that has quickly made its way to the head of my sleepwear (and loungewear!) rotation. 

Morus Sleepwear Pajamas silk blue 1

According to Morus Studio:

“Silk is seen as one of the softest, most luxurious fabrics on the planet. The silk used in Morus Studio’s products comes from fields of Mulberry – a flowering plant in the Morus genus of the family Moraceae. With it’s sheen and comfort, this soft silk brings delicate beauty to your day to day life. Morus Studio helps you bring style and grace into new places.

Mulberry silk is a completely natural fiber, it’s also hypoallergenic and without odor. “

I’m usually on the fence about silk myself, as most people who know me are aware. 

This article does an amazing job of explaining the circle of life in the silk industry, and you will have to decide for yourself if silk is something you wish to buy. 

If you do love silk and its properties, use my code UNEATOMICBLONDE for 10% off your order. 

***According to The Minimalist Vegan, here are some alternatives if you aren’t on board with mulberry silk: 

Other options for alternatives to mulberry silk include:

Happy shopping! 


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